Cloud Phone System

A VoIP solution for better communication

Cloud Phone System

A VoIP solution for better communcation

cloud phone system
business cloud phone system

Business Cloud Phone System

Get a business cloud phone system that fits your specific needs in an affordable price. 

With a web based phone system we give you an end-to-end solution, in a price that wouldn’t have been possible using the classic phone system. 

  • Fits businesses of all sizes
  • Grows with you
  • Connect all parts in your business with voice 
Business cloud phone system
Business cloud phone system

Web Calling

A physical phone is no longer necessary to make calls in your business. With a cloud phone system based on VoIP, you can make and receive calls on any device.

  • Flat rate calls from every country
  • No phone number necessary
  • VoIP internal and external calls 
business cloud phone system

Team Collaboration

Have your entire team using a unified cloud phone system to improve collaboration and make sure all conversations are followed up on and nothing falls between the cracks.

All the while, you get a birds eye view of everything, to make sure your business runs smoothly. 

Coming soon:

  • Assign widgets to agents and teams
  • Cross-assign tasks from within a call
  • Conferance calls
Business cloud phone system
Business cloud phone system

Be Available Everywhere

Since our calls are based on VoIP, no matter where you are or what device you’re holding, if you have an internet connection, you can be available.

In the same way, no matter where your customers are located, they can reach you!

  • No international call fee
  • Perfect for remote teams

Click To Call 

Let your customers call your cloud phone system with one simple click, directly from your website.

They no longer have to search your website for your phone number, or give up on calling an international number. 

  • Doesn’t hurt conversions
  • Interactive support 
  • Lead capture on autopilot 
Cloud phone system